Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am entirely unsure how to arrange this nicely, so I'm just going to leave them in this order. I haven't had any time lately to finish any artwork, but I've had enough time to sketch things. So here's all the sketches I've come up with lately, and all the things I mean to finish but haven't yet.

I lied, I'm a champion and reorganized all of my drawings nicely. GO ME.

It's a party!!

Okay so... Suka in her winter clothes, a trade for an old friend, a character design I had to get off my chest, me stepping on a subway grate in a dress in TO, baby version of my character Kara, Phineas in swimming trunks because Jessica gave me "beach" as an environment, a northern water nymp that tried to drown Ain once long ago, Ainmire, dressed up in his Northern gear, since he hails from the north, and Yuffie, part of my FFVII redesigns that I am not yet finished because I hate her stupid one arm armour.



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  1. Nice to see what you're up's been a while since your last posting.