Friday, February 25, 2011

Part FOUR: How to Do It Without Wanting to Stab Yourself with a Pencil.

Yaaay! I didn't bother putting texture on this one, because I really put it together specifically for Chelsea, to show her the easier, more organic way I did these things. I did the majority of it with a mouse, because I'm still avoiding using my hand which is still not... totally feeling too hot! Perhaps if I stopped typing so much, it might make life easier.

That being said, you can find part four of my step by step thing here, and then jump to Part 3 for the texture tutorial. I don't really consider myself a master at anything or a very good teacher, but hopefully this will help out those few people who were curious as to what I was doing!

I've left this one as just the lineless shapes, because I think I want to play with some other options other than textures. I'm just not sure yet. I'll think about it while I'm at work, and get some idea's when I get home.

I also totally didn't draw on any folds or shadows, but that was my own short coming. Oh well!

Characters are my very own Sherlock and a slightly older, more mature Ninja. With boobs. Also, even though you can't see the line work that went into it, I thank Stacy for inking Ninja for me, because I was too lazy to do so myself. She did good! And I covered up over it all.

Today in character design class, we were all supposed to draw each other as children. I didn't participate, because of my wrist, but Enzo drew me as a child and sent me well wishes in return.

It was the sweetest drawing and the sweetest sentiment, I realized I was very much going to miss my teachers when I move into second year.

Today, is officially the start of break week. Tomorrow, Sarah's brother Andrew is coming over, and on Sunday I'm going to get my hair trimmed. Then on monday I start my full time job and have to be at the school for 7:30 in the morning. Harsh.

And between all of that, I have character design, painting, layout and story boarding homework! Seriously, is there no rest?

Animation, I refuse to accept you will eat up my entire life. I will sleep well, and socialize well over my break. Even with my job.

Money money money.



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