Friday, March 25, 2011

A Loyal Mount

I'm having fun with this.

I drew this while watching 'The Pirate" with Chelsea. I'm apparently learning how to draw dinosaurs and alligators instead of actual animals.

Wolves are next. One day I'm going to draw Ainmire as a proper wolf.

But anyways, I named Tinette's dinosaur Jules. Partly after Jules Verne, and partly because he was the first name that popped into my head while I was looking for the dwarf crocodile at the zoo. After Stuart.

Hee hee. Happy.

And some Sherlock doodles!

The first few I drew for Chelsea. Sherry and Kit are sort of incredibly adorable, and I enjoy them highly. I like the idea that in the RP we have them in, Sherry can build things! He is an experimenter who likes to try new things; why
wouldn't he invent some roller skates to pass the time on their super long trip through space?

Hell, I'd totally invent roller skates if I was stuck in space for three years.

On top of that is a slightly aged Sherry, by about six years or so. That would make him about twenty two- and also Chelsea's age. I drew him with an older Ninja, who is busy inventing him sunglasses so he can see where he's going without turning her to stone.

The CSI Miami Sherry in the bottom right led to hilarity; I highly enjoyed that conversation.



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