Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rape Isn't Cool, People.

Oh look, I finished painting it!

Boy am I sleepy.

I had to lay down the flats differently this time around. Stacy inked the picture, so I had to try to work within lines that weren't mine; and that's fine for Sherry, as most of my lines close and come into closed shapes; But both Stacy and Neilizza's styles had a lot of open lines, so I couldn't scan in the image and bucket it like I normally do. I had to brush in all the flats the long way. After that, I was trying to figure out the shortest way possible to paint this thing, because I didn't feel like spending a monumental amount of time on it. So, I selected the flats, made a new layer, painted it a dark purple, and used a soft eraser at low opacity to life out the lights.

I like the way it turned out; Thar you go, guys, I finished.

Following this encounter, I drew a picture where Verden came in to save poor Sherry from the cannibal, and Abby was all victorious with my OC. Well, Neilizza wasn't too pleased with the fact that Paine got smashed across the face with a fire poker, so she swore her revenge.

Her revenge was quite horrible, and I didn't know how to react to it.

I would like to set the record straight; Yes, Sherry has the body of a fully developed sixteen year old male (his legs still have to grow out) and yes, he speaks coherent English and is relatively intelligent- but Sherry was only born two years ago, and he was hatched from an egg. The way people work, or the biology involved in certain matters, are above and beyond his comprehension.

Also, regardless of whether or not he is a male; rape is rape, and painful and not enjoyable.

Way to break my character, guys. I don't think he'll recover.

Oh look. It's Sherry. Emotionally scarred and not recovering.
Paine is in the bottom corner there, devouring my vampires arm.

Sherry and Verden don't exist in the same world; I used them together in an RP once, and Verden cared quite a bit for Sherry, who didn't have any family of his own. This picture is the first thing that popped into my head after Neilizza's horrible actions.

By the way, Chelsea? Way to drop the ball. You're not allowed near Sherlock anymore.

After an entire lunch break of nothing but pure horror, I decided it was time to rescue Sherlock and give him a break.

So I drew him with Ninja, as he winds up helping her overthrow her fascist government and starting an era of peace for Rise.

I have a hard time drawing Ninja as a displeased person. Her younger self has such a happy disposition, it almost hurts to make her angry.

After everything that happened though, one can hardly blame her.

She's in her twenties in this picture, a much more mature and sensible girl. She knows what risk is now, and weighs her decisions more carefully.

Finally, to close everything off, a personal piece that is not related to Sherlock. Not that I don't love Sherry, but I was starting to miss some of my other characters in the light of all the attention he's been getting.

I drew Suka and Alan! Inspired mostly by this song performed by Gene Kelly in the movie "The Pirate". It inspired me to pull out Alan and work on him some more, as I'm still not completely certain of who he is or what he's like.

Suka doesn't know how to dance. Theoretically, neither should Alan, not having human legs, but let's just pretend he knows what he's doing.

Lot's of playing around with brushes on this one; I know, it's a real mess, isn't it? But it was a lot of fun, so I'm not complaining.



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