Thursday, August 11, 2011

Piles of Papers

As promised, I am continuing in my efforts to sketch more! As such, I have many more drawings than I typically do for an upload, and as such, I have broken it into many sketch dumps.

Instead of one giant one that gets resized into something you can't see.

In this pile of drawings we have some Sukas, some Jorns, some Tinas, and an Ainmire!

I did so miss my scottish oaf. I've gotten better at drawing him as the muscled man he is, which makes me happy because he no longer looks like a teenager. He looks like a good and proper twenty something or probably older. When I drew Baeddan this round I made him far too large. Eventually I'll get it right.

I have come to the realization that though Tinette is not overly fond of other people, she does like animals, and likes to take care of them. She has very few hobbies- she can't sew, or cook, or sing, or do any number of things she should be able to do because she was born into a family with many servants. I had a fun time coming up with hobbies; Dancing, fighting, horseback riding, reading, piano...


And here I doodled some characters in their back stories, the other characters they happened to interact with, lalala-

This sketch dump is actually older than the one I already submitted. I drew Tinette and Jessica asked me if she was angry. I said yes. She said of course she's angry, because Tinette is always angry.

And so I started my mission to make her happy, which led to me drawing her with my first attempt at a horse.

Animals! They make even the worst people happy.

Shaari and Suka as kids, Phineas as a young adult and Suka as a teenager, Ninja with her new BFFL Jorn, and HUGS ALL AROUND!

Don't hugs just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

We had a lot of drama going down. It was going to end in hugs.

I'm not finished with this one, I don't think, which is why it isn't in any of the sketch dumps even though it's the oldest. I drew it reminiscent of a picture I drew a long time ago and was very fond of.

I'd like to colour it the same way, so they can sit side by side, like in a card set or something.

I have to ink it first though, ah ha!

I'm pretty sure I inked the last one digitally- but I'll probably do this one traditionally. It's easier, heh.

I think Suka and Phineas are adorable, but in a complicated spot. Suka still cares for Phineas, obviously, but she's given him up as a lost cause as far as relationships go- but Phineas on the other hand... well, he's got a ways to go.

The other day Sarah challenged me to draw some elemental ladies. After dicking around and ignoring said suggestion for a few hours, I decided I might as well, and I was having quite a lot of fun with them.

I only finished three, as I initially drew earth stick thin, and I don't know what I was thinking. I wanted earth to be heavy and real feeling, weighted with all the earth beneath our feet and trees above our heads. I made her really thin along the thought process of trees themselves- but earth needs to be everlasting, and needs to look capable of being such.

Fire was smokin' hot, of course, with a thin waist and giant hips and big boobs with crazy wispy flaming hair, and water needed to be soft looking. So I drew my favourite kind of figure ever; a tubby one.

Oh yeah, I love drawing heavier people. And now all I have left is air!

Once again, following the suggestion of my roomie, I drew myself as an element from her comic, the Awakened. We'd already determined last year that if I was any element, I'd be the element of rainbows, because I dress in fifty million different colours at the same time.

So, when I designed my human form, I just drew me, as I am every day. When I designed my personification, I was initially going to draw myself as my business card logo, which is a boar wearing a hat, scarf, my glasses, my earrings, with my hair, etc-

But instead I decided to go a little simpler, and took a boar, gave it some wings, added some bracelets, and as a final touch, added a scarf. My personification is a flying pig with a scarf made of rainbows! When it flies across the sky it leaves rainbows in its wake, like Nyan-cat. Only nyan-boar.


Many many many drawings. Sketchbook cleanout!




  1. I like the last few with the drawing's of your little winged pig. Is there a reason you water mark your drawings?

  2. *shrug* protection. I forget half the time, but you know, it's a good habit to get into.

    Thank you! I'm very fond of my flying boar.